Caparo 3 Twin in white

CPR3 TWN (9010) - outlet

The Caparo series is made entirely of aluminum. Caparo stands for sustainability with no compromise. You're looking for the most comprehensive product, to bring your work to you, that fits any contemporary work space. Caparo gives you exceptional functionality and durability.

Caparo 3 Twin is our most sustainable Dual Monitor solution.

Our mechanical spring series offer a sustainable way to effortlessly lift the majority of flat panel monitors available today using our innovative Extension Spring Counterbalance Technology - this exceptional spring is backed with our lifetime warranty.

2 kg (4 lbs) ≤ total monitor weight ≤ 18 kg (40 lbs)

Our ball joint with Swivel & Tilt Mechanism allows for the precise adjustment of monitors up to 9 kg (20 lbs.).

Caparo 3 Twin has interchangeable mounting options such as clamp and bolt-through mounts.

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