Tacoma 3 CrossBar

Tacoma means modular and scalable. You're looking for ultimate (re)configurability, to bring your work to you, that fits any contemporary work space. Tacoma gives you the most versatile system in a stunning Matte Silver Anodized design.

Tacoma 3 CrossBar is eencost-effective scalable heavy-duty Dual Monitor Solution.

With our CrossBars (V020 & V022) we deliver patented turnkey Quick Release configurations to hold 2 monitors. Our CrossBars can be used when moving is restricted by e.g. a privacy panel. Using our CrossBars, both monitors will adjust simultaneously while still using their own VESA Quick Release Ball Joint for easy tweaking the individual monitor's placement.

Our innovative CrossBar 700 | QR (V022) is tiltable. Whether using different dimension monitors, working portrait & landscape, or using a notebook with our add-on Morelia Notebook Holder (V712), our CrossBar can still exactly adjust them to any desired height using its tilt functionality.

total monitor weight ≤24 kg (52 lbs)

Our patented VESA Quick Release Ball Joint with Swivel & Tilt Mechanism (V012) easily allows for smoothly adjusting monitors up to 12 kg (26 lbs).

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