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Adapt™ is guaranteed to exceed other leading brands in functionality, strength and style. You insist on the best with the industry’s ultimate configurability eliminating redundancy. We redefined weight capacity and durability and give that to you in our superior finish Matte Silver Anodized™.

Spinal Joy® desk monitor arms are fit for use in a multitude of environments from standard offices to the busiest dealing desks on major financial trading floors.

Our CrossBar allows you to obtain the optimal viewing distance for two monitors. Is the moving of your D9 restricted by a privacy panel or a wall? With this CrossBar we deliver a completely retractable ready configuration to hold two monitors which will adjust simultaneously while still using their own VESA ball joint swivel and tilt coupler. This allows you to easily adjust the individual monitor's placement.

Our innovative CrossBar Adapt™ can be tilted to your desired position. Whether using different dimension monitors, working portrait or landscape, or using a laptop - this CrossBar can precisely align your devices using its tilt technology.

0 kg (0 lbs.) ≤ total capacity1 ≤ 18 kg or 40 lbs.
1 ± 10%

Our gas lift desk monitor arms effortlessly lift two flat panel monitors1, using our innovative Dynamic Counterbalance Technology™. This arm’s wide range weight capacity comes from the innovative design utilizing a single gas lift.
1 0 kg (0 lbs.) ≤ total monitor2 weight ≤ 18 kg or 40 lbs.
2 monitor without base; incl. our 2 kg (4 lbs.) CrossBar if applicable; ± 10%

Elevating it to a whole new high™:
Our VESA coupler Adapt™ allows for the precise adjustment of monitors1 up to 18 kg or 40 lbs. This aluminum and steel ball joint coupler with unparalleled performance incorporates precision-machined parts. It features our patented Quick Release™ technology and our patented Smart Connect™ technology.
1 monitor without base; ± 10% 

  • Quick Release™ is our new patented technology that gives our ball joint coupler the foundation for our product’s ultimate configurability. You get easy and secure operation with guided entry and a snug fit. Our products can always be identified by their distinctively contoured, blue control buttons which can be used to identify Quick Release™ access.

  • Smart Connect™ is our new patented technology to make plug and play modules. Smart Connect™ gives you adjustable torque. We combined Quick Release™ and Smart Connect™ for dynamic configurability while reducing costs.

Our Smart Connect™ Adapt™ features our advanced double locking technology to protect privacy panels and walls as well as your D9 from damage by over-rotation. You not only get the industry standard 180° locking of the lower arm, but you also get our smart locking of the upper arm. This soft-stop on-off Adapt™ technology will facilitate switching both locks on and off as needed. Smart Connect™ works quietly out of sight, while holding on tight™.

  • VESA Swing™ is our new patented technology that allows our uniquely designed VESA coupler Adapt™ to  swing upside down. This allows you to have up to 4 monitors precisely aligned on a single post without the need for any additional parts. We combined Quick Release™ and VESA Swing™ for dynamic configurability while reducing costs.

Elevating it to a whole new high™:
Anodized aluminum finishes are known for their natural beauty. Our superior finish Matte Silver Anodized™ is a vast improvement over traditional colored finishes. Never before has this degree of finish been applied to a desk monitor arm.

We use machine polishing to get a uniform polished surface. Then parts are matted, and polished again, before being anodized which protects them with a very hard wear-resistant outer layer. Using this special process we created a finish that is resistant to scratches, fingerprints and UV-light.

Spinal Joy® lets your next position be upright™. You are looking for the most comprehensive product that allows you to work and relax in the optimal posture and with the optimal viewing distance.

Spinal Joy® believes in sustainability for everyone™. We give you reclaimed valuable space and exceptional innovation in three stunning series that fit any contemporary environment: Need™, Demand™ and Adapt™.

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Spinal Joy® | Upright Dynamics™

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